EV Switch 240VAC Automatic charging
EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 Automatic 240VAC Switch
EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 Automatic 240VAC Switch
EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 Automatic 240VAC Switch
EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 Automatic 240VAC Switch
EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 Automatic 240VAC Switch
EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 Automatic 240VAC Switch
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EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 Automatic 240VAC Switch

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The EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 is an Automatic 240VAC Switch to time-share an existing 240VAC outlet between two AC loads. The user simply plugs the cable to the existing 240VAC outlet, then connects a high priority AC load, e.g., an electric dryer to Dr side and a low priority AC load, e.g., an EV charging unit to EV side. When Dr side is not active, EV side can be used for EV charging. When Dr side is active, EV side will be swiftly, safely and automatically disconnected from the AC source. (See User Guide for details). After the Dr side becomes inactive for more than 2 minutes, the EV side is automatically reconnected to the AC source.

In case the electric dryer is not needed, the EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 can also be used to time-share the charging of two electric vehicles. A cascade of 2x EV-Switch tm / TFI-10x or 1x EV-Switch tm / TFI-20x and 1x EV-Switch tm / TFI-10x enables the time-sharing of 3x AC loads, e.g., 1x Dryer + 2x EVs.

The EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 comes with two industrial-grade Bryant or Hubbell or generic NEMA 10-30R receptacles but does not have an AC multi-meter (Japanese technology, measurements are within 1% accuracy) and can operate at 24A up to 40C (104F) ambient temperature without thermal interruption.

The option S provides the extra safety protection by limiting the EV charging current to 27A (+/- 5%). (Note that certain charging units such as Tesla Mobile Units with NEMA 10-30P already limit the charging current to 24A maximum thus they do not need this option).

The EV-Switch tm / TFI-10 box dimensions are : 6.3 in x 6.3 in x 2.36 in.

(Limited) Warranty period : EV-Switch tm / TFI-10, -10S : 1 year ; EV-Switch tm / TFI-10B, -10SB : 2 years ; EV-Switch tm / TFI-10H, 10SH : 3 years.

Buyer 's Tip :

This product is for a user who has plan to charge more than one electric vehicle in one charging session.

If the EV is not a Tesla and the user does not know the charging current limit of their EVSE Level2 device or if the user simply wants peace of mind, then they should consider getting option S for extra protection.

Operating Temperature Range :  

        -20 C to 40 C (-4 F to 104 F) in EV mode

        -20 C to 45 C (-4 F to 113 F) in Dr mode

(Contact factory regarding customization for operation to -40C (-40F) or to 50C (122F) in EV mode without thermal interruption)

Note: Option -B (Bryant 10-30R receptacles) may currently require long lead time due to limited availability !

What 's in the Box :

1. EV-Switch tm / TFI-10xx unit with standard 4ft-cable

2. 4X Mounting brackets + 4X screws

How To Set-Up :

TFI AC Switch Set-up Examples