Check Or Zelle Payment Discount Program

If/when you choose to pay by check or Zelle, we will be glad to pass the savings to you.

You can get a 4% discount on the purchase.

Procedure For Check or Zelle Payment :

1. Contact us via email or through our website Support Section regarding what you want to buy.  Ex., Model EV-Switch/TFI-100.

      1.1 Include your correct address , ex., Mr Joe Smith 123 Main St, Anytown, USA  

2. Upon receipt of your email we will email you back an invoice reflecting a 4% discount with an ID number, applicable sale taxes, delivery schedule and instructions to pay via Zelle or check.

3. Pay the invoice with Zelle or send in the check including the provided ID number.

4. Upon receipt of [cleared] payment, we will send you an acknowledgement and proceed to ship/deliver the item to you.