Why Choose Us ?

1. We offer a complete line of smart design and quality AC switch products, the EV-Switch tm, that includes both low-cost manual and fully automatic models with choices of generic or industrial-grade receptacles. The users may choose any model that serves their needs best but should keep in mind that industrial-grade receptacles are more sturdy and reliable than residential-grade / generic ones.
Please refer to the Buyer's Guide  for further assistance.

2. We understand that the high power (240VAC, up to 30A) nature of this AC switch application necessitates careful and robust design to minimize fire hazards and to protect the users and their properties.

3. This is why we conscientiously pay close attention to every detail from the way the electrical wiring is put together, to the component selection, to the implementation of several built-in safety features including high temperature monitoring and thermal safety interruption, over-current safety shutdown, computer system self-diagnostic and the use of a safety fuse when needed. In short, our Automatic EV-Switch products are built with high reliability and maximum user protection. 

4. Our select and robust electronic components use USA and Japanese technologies with fully documented specifications and our conservative design margins insure highest reliability and safety.

5. Our unique design which includes the semiconductor AC switch with virtually unlimited operations is patented (patents) and results in the smallest housing/footprint.

6. Our design and box size lend themselves to cascading (series connection of boxes) to support future addition of EV charging capability with minimum space requirement.

7. Our products are made in the USA with full customer support.

8. In summary, we put our customers 's interests and safety FIRST in developing highly reliable and safe AC Switch products to eliminate the need for the costly electric circuit-breaker panel upgrade and help our customers save their hard-earned money.

8.1 Consequently, our products are green since they enable the sharing / (re-)use of existing resources which can mitigate the need to upgrade / expand the power grid / infrastructure as home EV charging becomes more widespread.

8.2 Additionally, we highly recommend that potential users look closely at the safety and reliability aspects including operating temperature specifications prior to making the decision to acquire any AC switch for home EV charging purpose.

9. Lastly, since a portion of our income/profit goes to various worthy causes, your purchase helps in the efforts to make our world a little better.